Welcome to Qatar International Manpower Recruitment

Professional. Skilled. Semi Skilled & House segments.

Qatar Manpower is the one of the leading recruitment consultancy providing a wealth of local and international expertise and in-depth market intelligence for its blue-chip clients and candidates.

Qatar Manpower has a rigorous screening process for all prospective candidates with interviewing facilities available throughout the region. Candidates searching for job opportunities and requiring informed career advice, we provides updates on the top positions available across the region.

Permanent Recruitment

we source mid to senior level personnel across different sectors, including Sales & Marketing, Banking & Finance and Insurance, Secretarial & Administration, Legal, HR & Training, IT & Telecommunications, Engineering & Construction.

Executive Recruitment

We are specialized in sourcing managers and executives for our clients. The extensive candidate database means we can provide clients with the best possible quality of candidates, based locally and abroad, for executive positions.

Outplacement Schemes

Redundancy or office relocations can cause considerable difficulties for your personnel and if not handled properly, can damage reputation. To alleviate such concernes, We can provide our outplacement services to guide and assist your staff when looking for alternative employment.

Customer Satisfaction

Surveys A company that focuses on its customers can react positively to changes in market trends and stay ahead of the competition. We offer tailor-made customer satisfaction surveys that provide you with valuable insight into your customer base to help improve your service levels and offerings.

Turnkey & Volume Hiring

Qatar Manpower has pioneered turnkey recruitment service in Middle East. This process was designed for addressing ‘ready to work’ Work Force against a time schedule. This process also helps in Project implementation at multiple locations, Mass recruitment. If a specific kind of business need instant work force, we create pipeline of candidates for recruitment happens over a period of time.


The goal is to find a place for each candidate where they can find not just a job, but a place to belong and grow. We find the best people for all types of jobs and industries at both the staff and professional levels.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is to help our clients, make unique, durable, and significant enhancement of their resources for optimum efficiency, performance and lasting success.

Our present is what we did yesterday and our future is what we do today. We wish to build a reputation based on our high level of integrity, relentless effort and ethical values.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our recruitment agency is uniquely specialised in all verticals.
  • We offer a range of services in recruitment and related HR fields (salary studies, visas, etc.).
  • We are providing various staffing solutions services to our clientele and has a rich database.
  • Effective communication, outstanding quality and integrity have been the guiding principles when serving our clients, enabling us to have a trustworthy business relationship.